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App installation instructions :
  1. Tap anywhere on your screen and scroll the page to show the "Click to download" button (appears on top of this section)
  2. If the "Click to download" button does not appear :
    • wait a few seconds and try again.
    • you may already have the app installed and present on your phone home screen or apps.
    • ensure you are not viewing this page in incognito or private mode
    • please clear all browser caches and reload this page
  3. Once ready, click on the "Click to download" button.
  4. A window to request installation confirmation will appear.
  5. Click on the "Click to download MTCTV " button.
  6. The app will then download and install. You can view progress in your phone's notification bar.
  7. Once completed, your app launcher will appear as an App icon on your phone home screen.
  8. You can then close this browser window and launch the App.
If the Install Button does not show up and you already have the app installed.

Please uninstall and clear cache before reloading this web page.
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